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Victorian Windows

It's removal day.

This set of windows is located high on a stairway landing in a private home in The City. Removal day was a long time coming because of the rains last winter. The contractor that remolded the home last year set up scaffolding inside and out.

Adam Knowles of AKC, Adam Knolwes Construction of San Francisco, helped me with the removal and re-installation.

This window had it's original lead of about 115 years old. Lead last about 80 to 100 plus years and then it starts to lose it's ability to keeps it shape . This window had a major bow in the middle window.

Pictured below is the largest of the bows.

Talk about a beautiful set of windows.

This picture is with the inside scaffolding in place and the first piece of the window out.

When we work on any window we document what shape it's in and what needs to be done to return it to it's original glory.

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