I incorporated the dimensions into an computer drawing that I can overlay designs in full scale. It also makes it easy to share scaled design ideas between all parties involved in the project.

Here is a project that we are currently working in 2006. This first picture shows the barrel vault window with wood mullions and amber ripple glass. The overall size is

90" x 125" or 7' 1/2 x 10' 1/2

This window is in a light well and the amber glass made the stairway light yellow.

Here is one design idea that I worked on.

I drew several repeating pattern designs. For me this one started to fall apart as a design. I show it here as an example of how I work on ideas.

The next page has the approved final design. You'll see that I went in a different direction.

Barrel Vault Final Design

The following pages show the window in progress.

Check back to see the final window in 2007

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