This is the Beth Eden Baptist Church In Oakland.

We were contracted by Oliver & Company,

(a construction, management and development company; their offices are in Richmond CA), to remove and crate the church's stained glass windows before the demolition of the church building. Some of the windows will be used in a new building.

I worked with AKC, Adam Knolwes Construction of San Francisco, owner Adam Knowles to help me with the removal. OK, they did the heavy work while I watched..... and took pictures. They first had to remove the trees that had grown up over the windows.

We removed the windows in their wood sashes and then used plywood inside and outside, making a crate for them. My part of the job was to document the removal and write up the windows' condition for future use.

The last task was to board up the openings and crate the glass for storage.

Here are the windows crated and ready for storage.
Here, the west side windows have been removed and the openings boarded up . We are working on the north side.
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